How effective are Thermalite plantation shutters for insulation?

Thermalite plantation shutters are gaining popularity among home and business owners. They’re durable, affordable, environmentally friendly and have great aesthetic value. But when it comes to your home, we know it’s also important to consider the role of insulation. Good insulation is energy-efficient and lowers cooling and heating costs. So, how effective are Thermalite plantation shutters when it comes to home insulation? 

Thermalite is a 100% synthetic material which looks and feels like timber but has the added benefit of being lightweight, water-resistant and fire retardant. Thermalite is also a champion insulator. In fact, Thermalite plantation shutters are one of the most insulating window treatments available.

They’re made from the right stuff. 

Thermalite plantation shutters are made from a strong insulator. These shutters are constructed from non-toxic polymer foam, a material known for its good thermal insulation property. In fact, polymer foam is a popular choice of insulating material for many builders. Thermalite plantation shutters have excellent thermal insulation properties because they block excessive heat from entering your home, while still allowing airflow. They’re also constructed from a water-resistant material that helps regulate the temperature inside your home. Moisture can have adverse impacts on thermal insulation, so shutters made from moisture-resistant Thermalite are a more suitable insulating material. 

They suit all seasons. 

When you pair plantation-style shutters with Thermalite, you get the perfect insulator. Plantation-style shutters create a barrier that improves insulation in both summer and winter months. Glass windows often have limited insulation properties, allowing heat to escape in cooler months and trapping heat in the hotter months. When plantation shutters are installed over glass windows, they help create an airflow barrier to trap heat inside or outside your home. Thermalite plantation shutters also help to regulate light—so you can control how much heat and light enters your home depending on the season. 

Thermalite shutters beat wood and vinyl. 

Thermalite shutters have stronger insulating properties than shutters made from other materials, including wooden or vinyl shutters. Wood and vinyl are often go-to choices for plantation shutters, but Thermalite shutters offer 2-3 times the insulation—making them ideal for both internal and external use.

Plantation shutters are energy efficient.

Other window treatments, like shades or blinds, allow air to escape through gaps—even if blinds are closed. Window coverings made from lightweight materials or fabric also lose heat more easily. Thermalite shutters, on the other hand, are sealed tight to the window frame, meaning your home has stronger insulation. Thermalite shutters are also less likely to warp, crack or shrink over time, especially in wet climates or areas like bathrooms or kitchens.