2021: What a year! Most of us are looking forward to 2022 with optimism and hope that the next 12 months will bring better things than the unique challenges of the past year. We’ve all spent more time at home this year, which for many of us means we’ve re-focused our energy from travel and social gatherings to home improvement and learning how to make the most of our space.

We’re asking more from our living space than ever before: telecommuting, attending school remotely, using Zoom for events we would have enjoyed in person, and somehow still finding space and time to rest and relax. House layout, furnishings, paint color—and yes, even window coverings—matter more when you’re at your house 24/7.

“Best” has many different definitions, and it ends up being different for every house—and every room! Each room has its own unique needs when it comes to window treatments. Bedrooms might require blackout shades for complete darkness, while a home office might need bright, full daylight. Kitchens and bathrooms need easy-to-clean window treatments that are durable and can withstand humidity. If you’re just getting started with new window treatments, we know the number of options can be intimidating. We’ve dedicated an entire post to inspiration for each room of the house, including tips about why some treatments are better in some rooms than others.

You might be looking at new needs for existing rooms—for example, setting up an office environment in your master bedroom or creating a space where the kids can attend school remotely. These needs place additional demand on your floor plan, and unless you’re planning on moving, you’re likely trying to figure out how to do more with the same amount of space.

Even if you’re not reorganizing your space to accommodate new needs, you might be ready to update or improve your window coverings in the coming year. Upgraded window treatments make your interior space more enjoyable, and yes, the right window coverings can even help your home sell more quickly when the time comes! From Zipscreens, Shutters and Blinds we have put together this guide to inspire you!

Plantation Shutters

At Decor Blinds Brisbane, we produce custom-designed Plantation Shutters out of our factory, an area within Queensland renowned for its sunshine and heat. Consider our Australian-made Blinds and Shutters if you are looking for an elegant and stylish update to your Brisbane & Gold Coast home, hotel, business or resort.

Our shutters stand out from normal ones because their louvers, or slats, are larger and fully operable. They allow you to control how much light enters your room, and if you live in a warmer climate, they are great for controlling airflow. They are traditionally found in Mediterranean climates, as they date back as far as ancient Greece, but since have become a staple in Californian and Southern American homes. What are Plantation Shutters?

Two Blinds In One

The Décor “Dual System” is two blinds in one. One allows you to maintain protection against glare, heat and fading whilst maintaining your view outside. The second blind gives you the privacy at night using the blockout range.


Zipscreens ™ by Decor Blinds is the perfect addition to your outdoor space, especially in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast where we must do all we can to protect ourselves and our families from the oppressive sun.

If you enjoy utilising your outdoor space by entertaining guests, Zipscreens ™ is perfect for you. They are an ideal modern blind system for pergolas, verandas and balconies because they have the ability to turn your alfresco area into a comfortable new room, offering protection against not only the sun, but also wind, rain and insects. Keep the view and the feel of being outside without the inconvenience of the elements.