Australian winters can present four seasons in one day- from windy to sunny to rainy to simply freezing! So it’s important to make sure your home is ready for all the elements. We have a few easy ways to prepare your home for the winter months.

Custom Made
At Decor Blinds, we custom make your products, so they’ll fit perfectly in your windows or door frames. This will ensure that you get the benefit of insulation from your Decor Blinds products. So much warmth escapes through windows and doors, so adding blinds or shutters can significantly improve your electricity bill!

Choose the Right Material
Our shutters and blinds come in a variety of high-quality materials. From thick fabrics to sturdy Thermalite, we will guide you through selecting the appropriate product for your home. It can be hard to know which material will work best in your home, so our team are here to help you. Another factor to consider is which room your Decor product is going to be in, this should also determine which material will work best. You shouldn’t use the same material in every single room, especially when it comes to the bathroom or bedrooms and media rooms. Where you might want heavier, block-out blinds in one room, you may prefer lighter timber shutters in another.

Think about the Outside
By adding a screen or blind, you can add an extra layer of warmth from the outside of your home. Our outdoor Zip Screens are a great solution for creating a warm and cozy space, even in an outdoor setting.

Add Texture 
A new season presents the opportunity to give your home a renovation. If you’ve been considering putting carpet in or updating your existing carpet, now is the time to do it! Fresh carpet under your toes is perfect for cool winter days. Another way of warming your home involves adding textures, maybe even a professional paint job. Blankets and cushions on couches can not only add texture but also update your home with modern touches.

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