Blinds have been used for centuries, the earliest records of blinds being used were by nomadic tribes in African and Asian deserts. They would use basic sheets to cover their windows to block out the harsh desert sun and sand.

Over the years, people continued to use blinds to provide shelter, protect from the sun and provide privacy. The ancient Egyptians would use reeds to provide sun protection whilst allowing fresh breezes into their buildings. In ancient China, bamboo was used to make blinds, a material that has continued to be used today.

The Persians brought blinds to Europe on trading ships. Venice soon took the inspiration and the Venetian influence spread window blinds throughout Europe. The Venetian version incorporated a string to lower and raise the series of slats that formed the blinds. This style is still used today and has become one of the most popular types of blinds.

Towards the end of the 18th century, blinds were popular in the larger cities, including London and Paris. With the rise of the industrial revolution, blinds could now be produced in the masses, which then meant it was much more accessible to more people. Soon most households across Europe had blinds in some shape or form.

decor blinds roller blinds south east queensland
decor blinds roller blinds south east queensland

Over the years blinds have continued to develop, with new varieties and materials being used. Venetian blinds continued to remain popular, however, the rise of Vertical Blinds and Roman Blinds saw more options for consumers becoming available.

By the 21st century technology had significantly improved, meaning blinds were being transformed. Some of the traditional styles, such as Venetian and Vertical blinds, were becoming replaced by roller blinds, some even with automated features, such as remote control options. As technology continues to evolve and homes become more automated, blinds can be controlled wirelessly. The new century has also meant blinds are more than just a practical feature in homes. They can now be seen as a design feature, so blinds production also takes design into account. At Decor Blinds, we custom make your blinds so that they can fit into your home seamlessly, whether that means creating unique sizes or using particular materials.