Outdoor Blinds, Shutters and Shades

With Summer fast approaching, most of us are spending more and more time outside. Here you may realise that you need some shading for your deck or patio areas, but trying to decide which one is going to suit best can be difficult, especially with all the great options! Here are some factors to consider when you’re choosing your outdoor shading.

The Purpose
First, you should establish what it is you are wanting from your Decor Blinds product. Do you want to create a private summertime oasis? Outdoor shutters give you the ability to control the airflow as well as visibility, perfect for maintaining privacy. Perhaps you’re after a solution for sun protection, in which case, our Zip Screens are a great option. They can be custom fit, so there will be no gaps.

The Climate
Your location may also impact which product is going to suit your home. The Gold Coast is beautiful at this time of year, but you want a shading system that is going to last through all of the seasons and weather conditions. If you’re close to the beach, your screens are going to be exposed to sand and saltwater, so you’ll want a product that can handle it! Our Aluminium Shutters are designed to be durable, perfect for handling the Gold Coast climate. They have powder coating and anodized finishes which comply with Australian standards, making them ideal for salty air.

The Usability
Australia often experiences four seasons in one day, so when you’re outside enjoying the summer days, you might have to change how you’re using your blinds or shutters. Our Zip Screens are incredibly versatile and can be controlled remotely, so you don’t need to get up to adjust them. Our Aluminium Shutters are also easy to adjust.

The Material
Depending on your location, your blinds or shutters will be exposed to different elements that may require them to be maintained regularly. This often involves a clean to keep them looking shiny and new! Sand and salty air won’t damage your Aluminium Shutters, but the shutters are easy to clean with a simple wipe down!

The Size
We custom make our products in our Brisbane warehouse, so no matter the size and shape of your outdoor area, we can create the perfect shading system for you. Zip screens are designed to fit edge to edge, so we will ensure that the area has been measured and that we create a perfect product for your home.