Timber, PVC or Thermalite Plantation Shutters?

Factors to Consider When Looking into Timber & PVC Shutters:

Plantation Shutters are an ideal addition to the inside and outside of your homes windows, and are increasing in popularity in new houses, townhouses, units and commercial properties across Australia.

There are quite a few materials that can be used to make Plantation Shutters and those materials can often vary in both price and quality pending on whether you choose to purchase Australian Made Shutters or imported shutters from overseas.

One of the questions we get asked often us why we choose to use Thermalite over more traditional materials such as various timbers and plastics, referred to more often than not as PVC.

Therefore we would like to highlight a few of the issues we have encountered in Timber and PVC Shutters in comparison to using Thermalite.

 Timber Shutters:

Timber Shutters look great and can suit many different homes, however there are a few things to investigate and keep an eye out for:

  • Timber Shutters can be more prone to louvers and slats warping and shrinking, especially in the harsher climates of QLD. This can lead to shutters coming off hinges and exposing timber and other components such as nails.
  • Timber quality can vary wildly depending on the styles selected, price and location in which they were made – It is important to enquire about the type of timber used and where it has come from, whilst avoiding cheaper timber composites which decay over time
  • Timber is often not water resistant and likely to take on moisture affecting both their strength and presentation
  • Timber has the potential to fade in the sun and has lower insulation qualities compared to other materials such as PVC, Aluminium and Thermalite
  • Timber is likely to need a re-paint with time, which can be messy and inconvenient
  • Timber has come from the natural environment and therefore some deforestation may have taken place in it’s production

PVC Shutters: 

PVC Shutters have become a more widely used product for some Plantation Shutters due to their availability, price and general high use in the construction industry.

  • However PVC is considered a less environmentally friendly product, which uses elements of potentially poisonous plastics in its composition.
  • PVC doesn’t provide great variety of colours and styles and is also considered a less rigid product with smaller blade spans overall
  • It is for this reason that PVC is not always an ideal product for external and exterior shutters and rooms, which often require longer or wider panels.
  • PVC panels can be more susceptible to breaking easily and therefore require more maintenance or need to be replaced more regularly, which can be costly
  • As they are not as natural looking as other shutter types, they might not suit all rooms of your home

So Why Would You Choose Thermalite For Your Plantation Shutters?

timber shutters vs pvc shutters

  • Thermalite is an extremely durable and environmentally friendly product made from polymer. This means it is sold without having to use toxic materials and is 100% synthetic with no natural resources being harmed in its production.
  • Thermalite has the added bonus of being water resistant and fire retardant for added safety.
  • Thermalite is proven to provide more insulation in comparison to wooden & aluminium style shutters, and can be more flexible to suit all internal and external rooms such as bedrooms, balconies, living areas, kitchens and bathrooms etc
  • The warranty that comes with Thermalite is one of the longest, if not the longest in the industry, which guarantees 25 years*
  • Decor Plantation Shutters include a hidden Ultraclear system that ensures Shutters will always open and close easily meaning connectors won’t break and shutters can be cleaned easily
  • Decor’s Thermalite Shutters use a unique louvre tension system will never need tightening or adjusting


So when you are choosing the type and style of Plantation Shutter for your home, just be sure to do your research into your product and its origin, and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your supplier and  / or manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding Thermalite Plantation Shutters, please feel free to contact Decor Blinds today