How Ultraclear Can Stop Shutters Breaking

Decor Blinds Exclusive ‘Ultraclear’ System for  Thermalite Shutters

Decor Blinds’ founder and Managing Director, Frank Cairns, has been involved in the Shutters and Blinds industry for over 32 years, and understands the importance of using high quality products on our Thermalite Plantation Shutters.

ultraclear plantation shutters

Frank was sick of seeing Control rods on Planation Shutter Blades breaking and preventing the Plantation Shutters from working. Therefore after travelling the world and exploring best practice technologies, Frank brought Decor’s Ultraclear mechanism to Australia to use for Decor Blinds and associated Distributors in order to improve the look and functionality of louvre’s and to stop them breaking the blades on Plantation Thermalite Shutters!

Quite simply, Decor Blinds patented Ultraclear system is built into each Shutter and is hidden, thus avoiding the use of unsightly rods and connectors at the back of the shutter which is found on most Plantation Shutters throughout the world today.

By not using a rod, the Ultraclear system allows the user to enjoy clear and uninterrupted views all of the time, however more importantly the smart Ultraclear louvre pivot and reinforced aluminium will ensure that the louvre’s stop coming loose and that annoying connectors won’t break and disable your Shutters from closing and opening.

Existing ‘Clearview’ shutter rods are renowned for using nails, which, with age tend to come loose, corrode and will damage your shutter. This will overtime impact the louvre’s tension and their ability to open and close with ease, ultimately causing damage to the rod and the interior of your Shutters.

Have a look at these picture of Plantation Shutters without the ‘Ultraclear’ system, and how they deteriorate with age:

plantation shutters without ultraviewplantation shutter without ultraview



Traditional Shutter Connector Rods break over time


Nails come loose and cause damage




If you Shutter louvre’s become loose or damaged, they also become hard to clean and maintain as the rod itself can rust. This will then impact the presentation of your window and room, and I think we all agree one of the main benefits of installing Thermalite Plantation Shutters is their amazing appearance mixed with their durability overtime.

If you are after Shutters that we guarantee to work as well in the future as the day they were installed, then look no further than Decor Blinds and our patented Ultraclear system.

Say good-bye to ugly connectors and rods impacting your views and Shutters that lose tension and breakdown with age, whilst enjoying our 25 year warranty happily offered with every installation of our Thermalite Plantation Shutters in Australia.

If you would like a quote for Thermalite Shutters with Ultraclear from Decor Blinds or one of our Distributors please give us a call on 07 3716 7766 or send us your details and we will get in contact.