Invest In Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are an Investment for the Future

According to the Queensland 2014 September and October Market Reports, the Brisbane property market has surged ahead in the 12 months to June, with BIS Shrapnel reporting an increase in median house values of 8%… “So while the market is on the move, it still remains affordable…” “…Upbeat conditions in Brisbane and south-east Queensland.”

shutters as investment

Think Outside the Box When It Comes To Investments

Not all investments are made in stocks and bonds or rental properties. You can make simple decisions to add value to your home – more than likely your biggest asset – at a time when market analysts indicate increases in median house values.

Invest in Home Improvements

We’re not talking about major renovations or kitchen makeovers that can run into thousands of dollars and inconvenience your family. Why not consider a change of home décor by investing in new plantation shutters or roller blinds?

Benefits of Interior or Exterior Plantation Shutters

There are some obvious benefits to putting new plantation shutters or roller blinds onto your home.

  1. Energy efficient
  2. Vary your in-home lighting
  3. Perfect fit as they are made from the ground up for any window shape or size
  4. Unlike wood shutters, Thermalite™ plantation shutters will never swell, crack, peel or warp
  5. Low maintenance
  6. True colour with no harmful toxic effect
  7. Quick turnaround and delivery time
  8. Professional installation
  9. Improve property value with a modest investment
  10. Australian made Products

Transferable Warranty Protection Means Investment Protection

At Decor Blinds, we believe so much in our Plantation Thermalite™ Shutters that we’re willing to offer you no less than 25 years of warranty protection—far longer than any other window blinds supplier will ever offer. That means 25 years of expert repairs and maintenance by our fully licensed tradespeople.

That coverage also represents a serious investment into your home, raising its property value and curbside appeal to potential buyers with our warranty-backed shutters and roller blinds. If you sell your home, your shutters’ warranty coverage will extend to the next owners, giving them the same peace of mind that you’ve enjoyed.

Why put off the decision any longer? Decor Blinds offers a high-quality, warranty-backed product range for all residents in South east Queensland, Give us a call and see what we can do for your home’s long-term prospects on the market.

Invest in Only the Best Products for Your Home

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