Add Colour to Your Living Room

Think about your clothing choices. We all tend to follow the 60-30-10 rule when it comes to coordination: 60 percent basic colour, 30 percent interesting factor, and 10 percent accessory. Adding colour to your living room or any living space should follow the same lead. The walls will make up your 60 percent, the furniture your 30, and any other little accessories can make up the remaining 10 percent.


But how do you make it work so that all the colours flow together to create a fluid environment?

At Decor Blinds, we’re leading experts in restyling and redecorating so let us help you find the best way to add colour to your living room.

It’s all in the colour scheme

First, choose a palette. Will you go complementary—more formal with clearer cut boundaries– or analogous—more casual and restful? On the colour wheel, complementary colours are red, green, yellow and blue, whereas analogous schemes involve colours that are next to each other, like yellow and green or red and orange.

Once you pick a palette, it’s time to play around with it.

You want to add contrast to your overall look. High contrasting colours work well for a more formal setting (think black tuxedo with a white shirt), whereas low contrast schemes are a bit more soothing. If you pull from patterns in your furniture, you can find inspiration for accent colours.

But what do you do with the colours once you’ve distinguished them?

Decorate vertically

Nature, as usual, did it right the first time when it decided to decorate. Dark colours on the ground, like dirt and grass, lighter in the middle, like trees, and light up top, like the sky. To make your room bigger and to get the best use out of your décor, follow nature’s lead.

Accessorise your space

Some of the best ways to accentuate your colour scheme and add a bit more life to the mix is to highlight the 10 percent accents with things like:

  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Colourful lamps
  • Curtains and blinds— roller and Venetian can be bought in a range of fashion shades
  • Plants and flowers
  • Accent rugs

Consider the lighting of your room

If you have an idea for redecoration, don’t be hasty. Bring a colour swatch or sample home for a bit and leave it in your living room. Light can play a serious factor in the way colours are tied together.

However, if you’re set on a certain scheme and are worried about achieving the right affect with lighting, the right blinds can make all the difference. Not only can they be coloured to match your room, but they also give you complete control over how much light you allow in, and under what circumstances.

We at Decor Blinds like to lead the industry in interior design trends. Let one of our experts provide you with the advice you need to add a bit of colour to your living room.

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