Are Your Blinds Child Safe?

January 1, 2015 was a big day, as it became the Law that every installation service for blinds, curtains and fittings must comply with the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard – Corded Internal Window Coverings) Regulations .

You Can Make Sure The Kids Are Safe

As a responsible parent or caretaker, you can make a plan today to review your home and workplace. Refer to the Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia (BMAA) for more information and guidance.

child safe blinds

5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Blinds and Curtain Cords

  1. Check every room for blinds or curtains that have long cords. Make sure the cords are not loose or looped.
  2. Look at where you have placed your furniture. Is it close enough that kids can climb and grab a loose cord? Rearrange the furniture with safety as your top priority.
  3. Never place a child’s cot, crib or bed against a window where they can reach and grab cords.
  4. At the local hardware store, look into purchasing a wall-mounted cleat or hook. You can wrap the cord around it to keep it neat and childproof.
  5. When installing new blinds, you can ask Décor Blinds about precautions like installing battery-operated blinds or manual wands to open and close your curtains.

Decor Blinds Has Safety Top of Mind

Our child safety guarantee includes these key principles:

  1. Decor Blinds will install a Child Safety Device with every domestic application of blinds.
  2. We will ensure all new blinds with cords under 1600mm off the floor are secured with a child safety device.
  3. We will provide written instructions and guidelines on child safety around blind cords.
  4. We will design all cords so that a child cannot remove them so easily.
  5. We will provide child safety tags on all blinds.
  6. We will show you how simple cleats, hooks and safety tassels work.
  7. We can demonstrate how curtains and blinds can operate without exposed cords or chains.
  8. We will abide by the safety standards set out by theAustralian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to prevent potential injuries to children from loose blind cords found in the home.

Safety always begins at home. Keep your cords out of reach so that your kids are out of danger!

Decor Blinds continues to manufacture blinds and shutters in Australia for Australians. For more than 30 years, we have delivered on our promise to provide exceptional customer service and quality products. Visit our showroom. Contact us today.