Veri Shades for the Gold Coast Home

High Quality, Custom Made Queensland Window Furnishings

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Our newest addition to our amazing range is Veri Shades. This new product is a beautiful combination of shutters and blinds, so it’s perfect for when you can’t decide on the style that you want for your home. 


The Gold Coast is known for its laid back, relaxed lifestyle, which means the soft and flowing Veri Shades will fit right in! They’re perfect for any home, or any room, with combined practicality and privacy, so even those amazing beach-front homes can feel private whilst remaining stylish. 


Veri Shades have been designed with style and practicality in mind. With the amazing beach views that many Gold Coast homes have, we know how much you want to embrace them. Veri Shades are easy to manoeuvre and even when they are closed the level of opacity can be adjusted with a twist of the rod, so you won’t lose sight of the great views whilst maintaining privacy and sun protection.


No matter what time of the year, the Gold Coast has amazing sunny days filled with the sea breeze. Veri Shades are perfect for embracing that, as the soft fabrics will flow with the wind.


We custom make our products in our Brisbane warehouse, just up the road from the Gold Coast. Veri Shades come in a wide variety of colours and fabrics, so you can pick the style to suit your Gold Coast home. Our team can work with you to ensure that your Veri Shades are measured and designed to suit every element of your home and lifestyle. We guarantee that your Veri Shades will be created in Brisbane, ensuring that they are up to the highest standard, and will last for many years. 


Veri Shades is one of the latest additions to our warehouse. We love how simple and classic the shades are. You can choose what style you want for your coastal home and we can custom make it for you. Veri Shades have combined the look of blinds with the feel of curtains to create a stunning, flowing window finishing.