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Gold coast is known for its spectacular sunny days, breezy beaches and amazing, laid back lifestyle. When it comes to creating your dream coastal home, you’ll want to ensure that you have great views, good airflow and plenty of natural light. Decor Blinds distributes their Brisbane-made all over Australia, including just down the road to the Gold Coast. 


Our Thermalite Shutters are perfect for coastal living. We manufacture these high-quality shutters in South Brisbane so we can assure our clients that when you order your Thermalite shutters they will be custom made to perfection. Due to their high quality, Thermalite Shutters require minimal maintenance and won’t lose their tension, so you can have your shutters forever.

We understand that Australia has many climates, especially in places like the Gold Coast, where your home could experience heat, wind, salty air and rain all within a day.

So we have created environmentally-friendly products that will endure without cracking, warping, shrinking or discolouring. Whether you’re seeking Thermalite shutters for the inside or outside of your Gold Coast home, our shutters will suit any space. With the texture and appearance of timber, they can fit into any home. 

Gold Coast Shutters
Gold Coast Shutters

Not only are our Thermalite shutters a stunning option for your home, but we also create amazing blinds and we are now manufacturing Veri Shades. We have a variety of blinds from classic Venetian blinds to roller blinds as well as external options. Blinds are also a great option for your Gold Coast home. These versatile options can be chosen to suit any style of home. 


Our Roller Blinds can be made for you as manual or motorised systems, however, it’s the unique ability to use sunscreen fabrics that protect you from the sun, which can be important when living in such a place like the Gold Coast.

Veri Shades is one of the latest additions to our warehouse. We love how simple and classic the shades are. You can choose what style you want for your coastal home and we can custom make it for you. Veri Shades have combined the look of blinds with the feel of curtains to create a stunning, flowing window finishing. 

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Gold Coast Shutters & Blinds

All of our blinds, shutters and shades are designed to be easily maintained, whilst remaining stylish. If you’re ready to add the finishing touch to your Gold Coast home, get in touch today for your free measure and quote. 



    Gold Coast Shutters
    Gold Coast Shutters
    Gold Coast Shutters

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