Energy Saving Tips for Blinds & Shutters

A window is more than you think.

A window is defined as an “opening in a wall, roof or vehicle that transmits light or air and for people to see out.”

It sounds like a rather benign and “so-what” function but you should take a serious look at the condition of your windows, where they are located in your home or business, and exactly what you can do to dress your windows so that you take advantage of all the ways you can personally save on your energy costs.

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When you are either too hot or too cold.

It’s crazy to think that our windows can be responsible for up to 40% of just how hot we are during summer and conversely, these same windows can cause up to 30% heat loss during the winter months.

On the one hand, our windows contribute to the whole family being hot and sticky during summer and then it goes in complete reverse to being too cold in winter. So what do we do? We turn up and keep on the air conditioning for the sole comfort of being cool in summer and warm in winter.

Do you see your hard earned dollars evaporating? Imagine what you could do with a couple of hundred dollars in your pocket each season?

Here are 5 tips and more to save on your energy bills.

  1. Dress Your Windows with Modern Plantation Shutters – Interior or Exterior Shutters

Untreated windows will allow 20 times more heat into your room. By controlling the way the sun’s energy enters your room you can save on your summer energy bills and get free heating during winter.

Plantation Shutters have significantly advanced in both form and function. Unlike shutters made from wood, modern Thermalite Shutters will never swell, peel, crack, warp or burn; the don’t lose tension and they will work for many years requiring very little maintenance.

Interior or Exterior Modern Plantation Shutters can give your home or business:

  • 27% more insulation
  • 65% more light control
  • A custom look handcrafted to your exact specifications including colour, finish and fit
  1. When to Close Your Blinds

Closing blinds at just the right time will reduce the sun’s energy level in your room. This action will reduce unwanted heat gain. Opening your blinds at a 45-degree angle will also reflect the sunlight away while allowing you to see out.

  1. When to Open Your Blinds

Opening your blinds at the right time also can save on your energy costs. On sunny winter days the sunlight will warm your room and act like a natural form of solar heating.

  1. Minimise Summer Sun and Maximise Winter Sun

In Queensland, you should place your windows on the northern side of your home so as to catch the breeze for cross-ventilation and to control the amount of light.

  1. All Year Round Energy Saving Tips

According to there are all year round energy saving tips that can help you save money:

  • Save $200 a year by turning off your second fridge
  • Save $95 a year by drying your clothes on the line outside in the warm weather
  • Save $170 a year by two family members taking 4 minute showers
  • Save $150 a year by using 10 LED lights

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How Decor Blinds Can Save You Money

Decor Blinds has a history of success in selling and installing Plantation Thermalite™ Shutters and roller blinds to homeowners in areas like Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. Because our shutters are made from genuine Australian aluminium, they offer up to 27% more insulation for your household compared to other brands. We’ve also engineered each plantation shutter with a superb painted finish in a variety of styles, so you can choose the best look to match your home’s décor.

We truly believe that investing in a set of our plantation shutters will save you hundreds of dollars and even more by following our simple tips to save on your energy bills.

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